International teachers

Foreign visiting professors from the international network AGRIMBA teach courses in each of our MBA modules in order to provide wider and deeper knowledge also from the international environment. Thus they help the participants to become much more knowledgeable and competitive on labour market.

tl_files/fem/documents/MBA program/international teachers photos/heijman.jpg Prof. Wim Heijman. Professor of Macroeconomics and Regional Economics at Wageningen University, Holland Within our MBA course Economics, professor Wim Heijman teaches Macroeconomics.
tl_files/fem/documents/MBA program/international teachers photos/prof.David_McKENZIE_photo.jpg prof. David McKENZIE. Professor of Rural Education Development at Scottish Agricultural College, Scotland within our MBA studies, prof. David McKenzie is a member of international committee for the Final Defense of MBA Projects.
tl_files/fem/documents/MBA program/international teachers photos/Bremmers.jpg Dr. Harry J. Bremmers. Associate professor Management Studies (financial management) at Wageningen University, Holland Within our MBA course Finance, Dr.Harry J.Bremmers teaches Financial Management.
tl_files/fem/documents/MBA program/international teachers photos/prof.Dr.Bruce_L.Ahrendsen_photo_0.jpg prof. Dr. Bruce L. Ahrendsen. Professor at Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at the University of Arkansas, USA (agricultural finance, financial management, quantitative methods, and econometrics) Within AGRIMBA network Prof. Dr. Bruce L. Ahrendsen is an instructor of international study weeks.
tl_files/fem/documents/MBA program/international teachers photos/Smutka.jpg prof. Ing. Lubos Smutka, PhD. Associated Professor of Economics at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic Within our MBA program, Doc.Ing.Lubos Smutka, PhD. consults Methodology of Final MBA Projects