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08.08.2016 10:08:12 by Tomáš Poláčik

They wrote about us at LSU, USA

Alexis Agard has more than a few stamps in her passport. She spent the past spring break in Nicaragua with other students in the LSU College of Agriculture and has traveled in Western Europe with her family...

28.07.2016 09:36:28 by Ľubica Šemeláková

World Congress of Esperanto

At the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra in progress these days prestigious 101. World Congress of Esperanto.

27.07.2016 10:28:02 by Ľubica Šemeláková

Students from Latin America at our university and faculty

During the academic year 2015/2016 the first student mobilities were implemented at our university and faculty within the framework of Erasmus Mundus, Action 2, Strand 1, Lot 8, Latin America ...

04.05.2016 10:18:42 by Ľubica Šemeláková

New possibilities at Master program EURUS AGRI

02.10.2015 13:50:37 by Ľubica Šemeláková

Discussion about the double degree in Krakow

In September, 30 - October 1, 2015, prof. Horská, dean of the faculty, met with the representatives of the Agriculture University in Cracow, and its Faculty of Agriculture and Economics.